2021 Conference Schedule

IFMA – CFM Credit, AFE – CEU Credit. Free to all qualified professionals.

Oct. 20th 2021 – 9:00am

N95 Respirators: Obligations, Limitations, & Compliance:  – Restoration Management Company co-presented with Derrick A. Denis of CSC

This presentation will cover the employer-required use of N95 respirators what that means to an organization including: Respiratory Protection Programs (RPP), Medical Release, Fit Tests. Now that the public is wearing N95 masks the Federal Gov is paying closer attention.  The top 3 OSHA citations in 2020, over 2000 citations with $4 million in fines. 

Federal standard 29CFR 1910.134 applies to any worker wearing a respirator. 

Oct. 20th 2021 – 9:00am

The Role HVAC Has In Mitigation of COVID-19 – Chuck Hink, Business Development Director, Pueblo Mechanical

A discussion on the role your HVAC system has in the mitigation and spread of airborne viruses. In the current pandemic a lot of information is out there and we will discuss how to slow the spread and increase your mitigation practices with the use of your HVAC system.

Oct. 20th 2021 – 10:15am

Reducing Legionella Risk – Cooling Towers, Craig Hipp, Regional Manager, Delta Cooling Towers, Inc.

Legionellosis is a respiratory disease caused by Legionella bacteria. The bacteria can cause a serious type of pneumonia called Legionnaires disease. This bacteria is present in your non-potable water and can cause sicknesses to occupants if steps are not taken to reduce transmission risk. Learn about where Legionella lives and how to focus your efforts on keeping your building/occupants safe from a potentially fatal disease


Oct. 20th 2021 – 10:15am

Post COVID Facilities Management, Patrick Okamura, Facility Manager, BAE Systems

Oct. 20th 2021 – 10:15am

A People Centered Approach – Kat Anderson, Director of Development, A23 Studios

I aim to provide a different type of presentation than perhaps this conference and attendees are accustomed to by addressing an area paramount to the future of our industry people. My area of expertise is at the intersection of People, Process andProfit. Facility Professionals, along with nearly every business, especially AEC and STEAM, are experiencing the most significant challenges of our known history. With an abundance of external variables to factor in  and limited resources, I aim to provide unique insight as an AEC People, Operations and Business Professional. By identifying correlations within the causal variables, process and people. I will showcase action-oriented and thought provoking solutions to successfully navigate the increasingly sparse availability of crucial talent tailored to STEAM and the built environment.

Oct. 20th 2021 -1:15pm

Cyber-Terrorism: A Policing Perspective Where Negotiating Is Not An Option – Jim Brown, Risk Manager, Transcend Security Solutions

Cyber-Terrorism is tied directly to Business Continuity and is reflective of the Y2K technology challenge, whereby system inadequacies have been replaced with purposeful criminal intent. Cyber-Terrorism involves control, power, intimidation, as well as ransom demands.

Oct. 20th 2021 – 1:15pm

Total Room Automation for Building Automation Systems – Salay Alagappan, Sales Manager, Siemans

Total Room Automation (TRA) represents a new room control concept covering secondary HVAC, Lighting and Shading Control. This presentation will explore the various components that make-up TRA and how it can result in significant installed cost and energy savings for the customer and improved occupant comfort.

Oct. 20th 2021 – 1:15pm

Construction Marketing for Pros – Nicole Rodriguez, Managing Partner, John Delano

Why do some contractors secure bond-breaking backlog with public sector agencies, while others with the same talent never get a foot in the door? It’s skilled and strategic marketing efforts that close these contracts. Get the secret sauce recipe from an SMPS award-winning marketer and owner of AEC marketing agency John Delano – responsible for a quarter billion in Arizona trade Work through strategic marketing since 2017


Oct. 21st 2021 – 9:00am

Resiliency With A Clean Energy Focus – Lori Glover, Energy & Sustainability Coordinator, City of Scottsdale

Leveraging resources using clean energy resources in a time of potential grid insecurity.

Oct. 21st 2021 – 9:00am

A Beginners Guide to Continuity Planning – Marshall MacFarlane, Parks & Facilities Manager, City of Gilbert

A Beginners Guide to Continuity Planning (COOP) – how to continue operations when disaster strikes.

Oct. 21st 2021 – 9:00am

Understanding Categories and Classes of Water Damage – Restoration Management Company 

There are three categories and four classes of water during a water loss.  Understanding each type, it’s sources and the risks for each during the restoration process is important.  When dealing with water, time is always of the essence.  In all cases, water in your property needs to be dealt with quickly but also professionally before a small issue turns into a larger problem.  Even clean water source losses can create thousands of dollars in costly repairs if not dried out properly the first time. Mold can grow quickly behind walls, in ductwork and throughout flooring.

Oct. 21st 2021 – 10:15am

Mechanical Systems Restoration – Kevin Uikie, Owner, K.M. Facility Services

The benefit of cleaning and restoring the HVAC Equipment. Cooling Towers restoring, cleaning of coils, return duct cleaning. Exhaust ductwork cleaning.

Oct. 21st 2021 – 10:15am

Virtual Technology for BFM (VTBFM) – Ricardo Sanchez, Co-Founder, 3D Virtual Environment Solutions

Learn how virtual technology is changing the approach to BFM. Explore how a Digital Tween can allow you to walk through your facility from anywhere. See how VTBFM can improve training, support, maintenance and efficiency monitoring. Reduce operating cost and become more efficient leveraging VTBFM.

Oct. 21st 2021 – 10:15am

Human Centric Lighting – Karl Justin, President, ECS Arizona

LED lighting technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Based on research from different areas of industry, the importance of mimicking natural lighting conditions inside buildings has a lasting effect on well being, health and productivity of the occupants.

Oct. 21st 2021 – 11:30am

Programs That Benefit Facilities – Dr. Kristen Hurtado, Assistant Research Professor, Arizona State University

Professionals within or those looking to get into Facility Management often look for the “silver bullet” that’s going to land them the job, promotion, or raise. COVID-19 has further complicated this desire, with a flooding of virtual training and “Zoomification” of everything. Do you need that formal degree, is a credential the right fit for you? What are the training and professional development options within FM (formal and informal)? How do you select what’s the best for your and your future? What should you watch out for? How can you shine at your next performance review? Hear from Dr. Kristen Hurtado, who has advised 100s of professionals in FM in achieving their training and development goals.

Oct. 21st 2021 – 11:30am

Strategies to Start Your Business: Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances – Stuart Gethner, Gethner Education, Coaching, & Consulting

To educate on how to create and maintain long lasting partnerships or joint ventures in business.Using the Triangle of Success along with real life examples of current companies as illustrations to show how one can start or scale their business. We go into the foundation of long lasting partnerships that focus on creating positive and prosperous outcomes.

Oct. 21st 2021 – 11:30am

Reduce Your Risk from Life Safety & Construction Defects – Ritchie Lipson, Esq. / Scott Booth, Esq., Kasdan Turner Thomson Booth LLP

Learn about risk management to avoid costly repairs from construction defects. Described from the anatomy of a construction defect claim, participants will learn how to properly inspect for defects, the deadlines to bring a claim, and how the claims are pursued and remedied.